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California Introduces Bill to Give Workers the Right-to-Disconnect from Non-Emergency Business Calls and Texts After Hours

Assemblymember Matt Haney’s AB 2751 will make California the first state in the country to guarantee our residents the “right to disconnect” from responding to calls, emails, and texts after hours.

SACRAMENTO, CA – Today, Assemblymember Matt Haney (D-San Francisco) announced AB 2751, which guarantees California workers uninterrupted personal and family time by creating a “right-to-disconnect” from emails, texts, and calls after work hours.

San Francisco Giants Public Announcer Renel Brooks-Moon Named Woman of the Year by California State Assemblymember Matt Haney

SACRAMENTO, CA – Renel Brooks-Moon, former Public Announcer (PA) for the San Francisco Giants has been named 2024 Woman of the Year for California Assembly District 17 by Assemblymember Matt Haney. Nominated for her decades of excellence in the field of broadcast journalism and communications, Brooks-Moon is best known for her work as the voice of the San Francisco Giants.

New Bill Stops Landlords from Denying Housing to Tenants with Pets

AB 2216 requires landlords to have reasonable reasons for denying pet owning tenants housing.

SACRAMENTO – The chair of the California Legislative Renters Caucus, Matt Haney (D-San Francisco) has introduced legislation that prohibits blanket pet bans in rental units in California.