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Press Releases

State Assembly Fentanyl Committee Calls for Emergency Efforts to Increase Access to Methadone and other Addiction Medications

Stakeholders across the State convene critical hearing on how to modernize California’s strategies on methadone and other opioid addiction drugs

SACRAMENTO, CA – Today the California State Assembly held its third hearing for the Select Committee on Fentanyl, Opioid Addiction, and Overdose Prevention, chaired by Matt Haney (D-San Francisco). The hearing focused on medication assisted treatment – also known as MAT – and included addiction experts from San Francisco, Davis, and Santa Clara.

New Bill Ends California’s Ban on Funding For Drug Free Recovery Housing

Matt Haney’s AB 2479 will allow up to 25% of Housing First state funding to be directed towards recovery housing that requires residents to be sober

SACRAMENTO, CA – Matt Haney (D-San Francisco) has introduced legislation that will create sober, drug free recovery housing across the state. The bill allows up to 25% of state housing funds to be allocated towards drug free housing, which will give individuals a choice between living in sober living or housing that doesn’t require sobriety.

California Big City Mayors to Testify Before New Committee Focused on Struggling Downtowns

Assemblymember Matt Haney brings four big city mayors from Northern and Southern California to discuss the states of their downtowns

Assemblymember Matt Haney chairs the inaugural hearing for the Downtown Recovery Select Committee convening Mayors from Sacramento, San Francisco, Long Beach, and Riverside California to discuss the state of California’s struggling downtowns. The Committee was formed to address issues plaguing downtowns across the state.

California is the Most Restrictive Methadone State in the Country — A New Bill Will Make it the Most Accessible

To better fight fentanyl, Assemblymember Haney’s AB 2115 will modernize California’s methadone laws making the lifesaving treatment more widely available

SACRAMENTO, CA – Assemblymember Matt Haney (D-San Francisco) has introduced AB 2115 that will radically change California's strategy on the treatment of opioid addiction by transforming California from a state with the most restrictive methadone laws in the country, into a state leading in methadone accessibility.

California Introduces Bill to Give Workers the Right-to-Disconnect from Non-Emergency Business Calls and Texts After Hours

Assemblymember Matt Haney’s AB 2751 will make California the first state in the country to guarantee our residents the “right to disconnect” from responding to calls, emails, and texts after hours.

SACRAMENTO, CA – Today, Assemblymember Matt Haney (D-San Francisco) announced AB 2751, which guarantees California workers uninterrupted personal and family time by creating a “right-to-disconnect” from emails, texts, and calls after work hours.

San Francisco Giants Public Announcer Renel Brooks-Moon Named Woman of the Year by California State Assemblymember Matt Haney

SACRAMENTO, CA – Renel Brooks-Moon, former Public Announcer (PA) for the San Francisco Giants has been named 2024 Woman of the Year for California Assembly District 17 by Assemblymember Matt Haney. Nominated for her decades of excellence in the field of broadcast journalism and communications, Brooks-Moon is best known for her work as the voice of the San Francisco Giants.

New Bill Stops Landlords from Denying Housing to Tenants with Pets

AB 2216 requires landlords to have reasonable reasons for denying pet owning tenants housing.

SACRAMENTO – The chair of the California Legislative Renters Caucus, Matt Haney (D-San Francisco) has introduced legislation that prohibits blanket pet bans in rental units in California.