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Assemblymember Haney’s Statement on Governor Newsom’s Veto of Safe Consumption Sites Legislation

For immediate release:
  • Nate Allbee
  • (415) 756-0561

“SB 57, the overdose prevention sites legislation authored by Senator Scott Wiener and co- authored by me, was just vetoed by Governor Newsom.

Today’s veto of SB 57 is a brutal setback. Denying SF, LA, and Oakland the authority under state law to open overdose prevention sites that we know save lives. California is suffering under the fentanyl and opioid crisis. Last year in my district 641 people accidentally overdosed—many of them dying alone on the streets. That’s an average of 53 San Franciscans dying every month... and all of these deaths were avoidable.

Overdose prevention programs, also known as safe consumption sites, save lives. They move drug use off of our streets and into a safe facility, where medical staff are trained in overdose prevention and can offer treatment and rehabilitation services.

We know these programs work. All over the world in over 170 facilities, not a single overdose death has ever happened in the decades these programs have been operating. Not one.

I’m not giving up on fighting for policies that will keep people alive. Overdose prevention programs are a critical part of ending the overdose epidemic in California--they aren't the only solution to this crisis, but they will save lives.

I look forward to working with Governor Newsom to address his concerns and craft legislation that will allow us to provide these much needed services to people who are running out of options.”