This year, Assemblymember Chiu has introduced the following bills:

AB 3 | Regulate Purchase of Long Guns

To stem the epidemic of gun violence and mass shootings, AB 3 raises the age to purchase long guns, such as rifles and shotguns, from 18 to 21 years old. Joint author with Assemblymember Rob Bonta.


AB 587 | State Bulk Pharmaceutical Purchasing

The skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs and lack of transparency around their pricing is a major challenge to affordable healthcare. AB 587 establishes the California Pharmaceutical Collaborative to require state agencies to identify strategies to save money through bulk drug purchases.


AB 2017 | Public Employer Collective Bargaining Interference

AB 2017 ensures that all prospective public employees remain free to exercise their personal choice whether or not to become union members without being discouraged from doing so by public employers.


AB 2073 | Lead Paint

This bill is part of a legislative package to hold lead paint manufacturers accountable for selling toxic lead paint to California consumers for decades, even though the manufacturers knew the devastating health impacts of lead paint. AB 2073 protects homeowners from frivolous lawsuits by lead paint manufacturers who profited from the sale of poisonous paint products.


AB 2138 | Fair Chance Licensing

AB 2138 will increase employment and reduce recidivism by allowing Californians with certain older, non-violent convictions to apply for occupational licenses they need to get jobs.


AB 2161 | Homeless Data Collection

To address California’s homelessness crisis, this bill establishes a state database to compile data on diverse homeless populations and related services to better understand how to tailor policy and focus funding.


AB 2162 | Streamlining for Supportive Housing

This bill speeds up the production of housing with supportive services for individuals experiencing homelessness.


AB 2184 | Immigrant Business Inclusion Act

AB 2184 makes it easier for immigrants to apply for a license to start a business with different forms of identification.


AB 2185 | Doe Status

AB 2185 shields the identities of undocumented immigrants and crime victims in the judicial system by allowing a person to be a party to litigation under an anonymous name.


AB 2291 | School Bullying

As studies show that the divisive rhetoric in national politics has filtered down to schools and led to an increase in bullying, this bill requires the CA Department of Education to develop policies that prevent school bullying and promote the relevant training of educators across the state.


AB 2343 | Tenant Notices and Unlawful Detainers

This bill excludes weekends and holidays from counting during the eviction process, which gives tenants more time to defend against evictions and stay in their homes.


AB 2413 | Right to a Safe Home Act

AB 2413 protects victims of crime or abuse from being evicted or otherwise penalized for calling for emergency assistance.


AB 2490 | Homeless Identification and Vital Records

Since the lack of identification has been a real barrier for homeless Californians accessing government services, this bill increases access to identification cards by requiring the CA Department of Public Health to waive fees when issuing birth certificates to homeless individuals.


AB 2565 | Healthcare Subsidies

This bill works to make healthcare more affordable by increasing health premium subsidies in Covered California for Californians who make less than $50,000 a year.


AB 2578 | San Francisco Seawall

AB 2578 provides state funding to repair the century-old Embarcadero Seawall, which is crucial infrastructure that protects the San Francisco waterfront from rising sea levels and earthquakes.


AB 2865 | Highway 101 Managed Lane Authority

This bill authorizes San Francisco to utilize congestion lane management tools on the I-280 & Highway 101 corridors to incentivize carpooling and transit ridership.


AB 2923 | BART Transit-Oriented Development

Since building sustainable neighborhoods next to major transit hubs is critical to addressing the Bay Area’s housing and traffic congestion crises, this bill facilitates the development of much-needed housing and mixed-use development on BART-owned land next to BART stations.


AB 3118 | Rape Kit Audit

AB 3118 is part of a broad movement to bring sexual assault survivors the justice they deserve by requiring a one-time, statewide audit of all untested rape evidence kits in California.


AB 3131 | Police Demilitarization

After President Trump rescinded an Obama-era executive order that prohibited local law enforcement from acquiring certain military-grade equipment, AB 3131 was introduced to improve relations between local law enforcement agencies and civilian communities, by requiring such agencies to have a transparent process to receive approval by local governing bodies before acquiring military equipment from the federal government. Joint author with Assemblymember Todd Gloria.


In 2017, Assemblymember David Chiu authored the following 11 bills that were signed into law by Governor Brown.

In 2016, Assemblymember Chiu authored the following 18 bills that were signed into law by the Governor:


In 2015, Assemblymember Chiu authored the following 11 bills that were signed into law by the Governor: