Staff Contact Information

Capitol Office

Erin Baum, Chief of Staff -
Sonja Oehler, Executive Assistant -
Riana King, Legislative Director -
Nicole Restmeyer, Legislative Aide -
Korinne Sugasawara, Legislative Aide -
Julianne Cravotto, Jesse Marvin Unruh Assembly Fellow  -

District Office

Tom Paulino, District Director -
Jen Kwart, Communications Director -
Kenneth Chen, Field Representative -
Alex Barrett-Shorter, Field Representative -
Ramona Mora, Field Representative -

Assembly Housing & Community Development Committee

Lisa Engel, Chief Consultant -
Steve Wertheim, Consultant -
Sandra Nakagawa, Consultant -

Asian & Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus

Catherina Nou, Caucus Consultant -


Legislative Staff by Bills Authored by Assemblymember Chiu

Bill Number Bill Summary Staff 
AB 1436 Rental payment default: mortgage forbearance: state of emergency: COVID-19 Sandra Nakagawa
AB 1611 Emergency hospital services: costs. Riana King
AB 1905 Housing and Homelessness Response Fund: personal income taxation: mortgage interest deduction. Lisa Engel
AB 2023 Educational equity: student records: name and gender changes. Nicole Restmeyer
AB 2057 San Francisco Bay Area: public transportation. Nicole Restmeyer
AB 2146 Public University Dental School Intergovernmental Transfer Program. Riana King
AB 2264 Pupil records. Nicole Restmeyer
AB 2329 Homelessness: statewide needs and gaps analysis. Lisa Engel
AB 2377 Adult residential facilities: closures and resident transfers. Julianne Cravotto
AB 2451 Alcoholic beverages: tied-house restrictions: advertising: theaters. Riana King
AB 2520 Access to medical records. Julianne Cravotto
AB 2577 Environmental protection: vulnerable population: identification. Korinne Sugasawara
AB 2605 Density bonuses. Lisa Engel
AB 2723 Civil actions: entry of judgment: written stipulation  Korinne Sugasawara
AB 2734 California Environmental Quality Act. Steve Wertheim
AB 2847 Forensic evidence collection. Korinne Sugasawara
AB 2897 Electrical cooperatives and gas cooperative. Erin Baum
AB 2919 Pedestrian safety. Nicole Restmeyer
AB 2951 Harbor and port districts: energy management plan. Korinne Sugasawara
AB 2995 Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Julianne Cravotto
AB 3015 State public works project: noncombustible piping materials. Riana King
AB 3040 Local planning. Steve Wertheim
AB 3088 Rental payment default: mortgage forbearance: state of emergency: COVID-19. Sandra Nakagawa
AB 3096 Deterring union membership: University of California: violations. Erin Baum
AB 3148 Planning and zoning: density bonuses: affordable housing: fee reductions. Steve Wertheim
AB 3269 Public social services: homeless individuals. Lisa Engel
ACR 105 Prescription drug prices. Riana King


Legislative Staff by Issue Area

Riana King, Legislative Director

Accountability & Administrative Review
Budget* Member
Budget Sub 4* Member
Governmental Organization
Judiciary* Member
Labor & Employment
Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security
Utilities & Energy
Select Committee on End of Life
Select Committee on Women’s Reproductive Health
Select Committee on Boys & Men of Color

Nicole Restmeyer, Legislative Assistant

Banking & Finance
Business & Professions *Member
Communications & Conveyance
Revenue & Taxation
Higher Education
Local Government
Privacy & Consumer Protection
Public Safety
Select Committee on Student Debt
Select Committee on Regional Transportation
Select Committee on Cybersecurity
Select Committee on Gun Violence
Bay Area Caucus

Julianne Cravotto, Assembly Fellow

Aging & Long Term Care
Agriculture Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media* Member
Elections & Redistricting
Environmental Safety & Toxic Materials
Human Services
Jobs, Economic Development, and the Economy
Natural Resources
Veterans Affairs
Water, Parks & Wildlife
Select Committee on Youth Mental Health
Select Committee on Census
Select Committee on Clean Energy Economy
Environmental Caucus
Tech Caucus

Lisa Engel, Chief Consultant

Housing & Community Development* Chair

Steve Wertheim, Consultant

Housing & Community Development* Chair

Sandra Nakagawa, Consultant

Housing & Community Development* Chair

Catherina Nou, Caucus Consultant

API Caucus* Chair