2016 Legislation

In 2016, Assemblymember Chiu authored the following 18 bills that were signed into law by the Governor:

Housing Bills Signed to #BringCAHome

AB 723 | Housing Finance
Expedites the delivery of $114 million in federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds, modernizes California Housing Finance Agency (CalHFA) rent and income occupancy standards, and provides flexibility to CalHFA to finance housing developments that meet the needs of low-income renters who earn between 60 and 80 percent of the area median income.

AB 2797 | Mission Rock Project
Facilitates the creation of the new Mission Rock neighborhood in San Francisco. Mission Rock will consist of 8 acres of parks and 1,500 apartment units—40 percent for low-to middle-income individuals and families—as well as up to 1.3 million square feet of office space and 250,000 square feet of retail. The project, to be built in anticipation of sea level rise, is scheduled to complete environmental review in 2017.

AB 2818 | Equitable Taxation for Community Land Trusts
Incentivizes the creation of Community Land Trusts (CLTs), an affordable and innovative type of homeownership, by establishing a fair property valuation process for them.  Thanks to the San Francisco Community Land Trust for your leadership in this area.

AB 2819 | Tenant Protection
Prevents innocent tenants facing an eviction lawsuit from having their credit tarnished and future housing opportunities jeopardized by keeping tenants’ court records private unless the landlord prevails in the lawsuit. Previously, tenants could be blacklisted if their cases were not resolved within 60 days, even if they ultimately won the eviction lawsuit.

AB 2820 | Defense against Price Gouging
Expands protections in state law for tenants and others by prohibiting price gouging of housing and other services during declared emergencies like gas leaks, wildfires and earthquakes.

Other Bills Signed

AB 626 | Prompt Payment
Closes a loophole in contracting law that has prevented contractors that performed extra work for public works programs from being promptly paid, by established a process to resolve disputes expeditiously.

AB 1066 | Phase-In Overtime for Agricultural Workers Act of 2016
AB 1066 ensures that agricultural employees are paid overtime compensation after eight hours of work in a day or 40 in a week in a phased in implementation. Coauthor with Assemblymember Gonzalez-Fletcher.

AB 1135 | Firearms, bullet button
Assembly Bill 1135 closed the “bullet button” loophole that allowed military-style assault rifles to be sold legally in California. It also required registration of weapons which now fall under the new definition of assault weapons. Principal coauthor with Assemblymember Levine.

AB 1511 | Lending firearms
AB 1511 closed a loophole in state laws that allowed anyone to borrow a firearm from an acquaintance for up to 30 days without a background check. The bill specified that the infrequent loan of a firearm may only be made to family members. Joint author with Assemblymember Santiago.

AB 1732 | Single User Restrooms
AB 1732 ensures that everyone can access single occupancy restrooms, regardless of gender. The practice of restricting access to single-occupancy restrooms by gender creates problems of safety, fairness, and convenience. This burden disproportionately impacts members of the LGBT community, women, and parents or caretakers of dependents of the opposite gender. AB 1732 resolves this issue by requiring all single-occupancy restrooms to be designated as "all gender."  Principal coauthor with Assemblymember Ting.

AB 2125 | Healthy Nails
Creates statewide program guidelines to help cities and counties incentivize nail salons to use products that are less toxic and to adopt practices safer for workers and customers - building on the innovative model established by the San Francisco Healthy Nail Salon Program.

AB 2329 | Computer science strategic implementation plan
AB 2329 required the Superintendent of Public Instruction to convene a strategic implementation advisory panel to develop recommendations for a computer science strategic implementation plan. Principal coauthor with Assemblymember Bonilla.

AB 2349 | Surrogacy Parentage Protection Act
Protects parents of children conceived through surrogacy in California – including many same-sex couples who rely on reproductive assistance to start their families – from having their rights violated in other states.

AB 2374 | Yerba Buena Ramps Project
Facilitates the construction of a crucial seismic safety project connecting the Bay Bridge with Yerba Buena and Treasure Islands.

AB 2532 | Erasing Anti-Immigrant Language
Repeals an outdated law that had required employment service agencies to verify an individual’s immigration status, which was passed during the anti-immigrant era leading to the passage of the notorious Proposition 187.

AB 2455 | Student Voting Act
Increase voter registration and civic engagement among California students by creating an online link between class enrollment and voter registration for the three million students in California’s public college and university systems. The winner of our Assembly office’s inaugural “There Ought to Be a Law” program, the bill was proposed by two UC Berkeley Law Students, including Mission resident Paul Monge.

AB 2739 | Curran Theatre
Clarifies a law that set standards for liquor licenses in San Francisco’s historic theaters to encourage San Francisco’s lively arts scene.

SB 1107 | Political Reform Act
SB 1107 permits local governments or the state, if they so choose, to enact laws that create public campaign financing programs, as long as they meet specified requirements for fairness and accountability. Principal coauthor with Senator Allen.


Budget Accomplishments

The 2016 budget invested in protecting the state from future budget shortfalls, as well as in strengthening California’s social safety net.  The final budget grew the state’s Rainy Day Fund to $1.75 billion, and provided additional dollars to child care, preschool, and K-12 education through the Local Control Funding Formula.  This year’s budget also invested in fighting poverty by repealing the maximum family grant rule, extending of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and increasing CalWORKs Housing Services to stabilize housing for vulnerable families.

As a member of the Assembly Budget Subcommittee #4 on State Administration, Assemblymember Chiu led efforts to provide resources for critical needs of Californians and San Franciscans:

Angel Island State Park | After nearly 35 years of no repairs, the Hospital Building on Angel Island was in dire need of renovations.  The final budget included $3 million for renovations and repairs, in order to preserve this historic site.

One California | Through the Department of Social Services, the budget included a major investment in this program established by Assemblymember Chiu to fund free naturalization services for low-income Californians eligible for citizenship and immigration assistance for DACA/DAPA recipients.   

Medi-Cal Coverage for Acupuncture and Language Access | This year’s budget also included important reforms to the California’s Medi-Cal system, including restorative and preventative acupuncture care for low income California, as well as a pilot program for interpreters to serve diverse communities with higher-quality care.