2015 Legislation



AB 404 | Community College Accrediting Agency Accountability

Provides transparency and strengthens accountability of community college accrediting agencies in the wake of the recent challenges facing City College of San Francisco.


AB 418 | Domestic Violence Lease Termination

Enhances protections for domestic violence survivors by allowing a tenant in an abusive relationship to terminate a rental lease to escape violence and move to safer housing.


AB 438 | Language Access in Workers’ Compensation

Closes a language access gap for limited-English proficient Californians seeking workers’ compensation claims, as a half million work-related injuries occur every year.


AB 775 | Reproductive FACT Act

Ensures that women who seek services from clinics that provide pregnancy-related care will know all available options, and requires unlicensed pregnancy-related care clinics to notify women that they are not medically licensed. While anti-choice organizations have filed lawsuits against AB 775, three courts have already ruled in favor a woman’s right to know all of her reproductive health care options.


AB 792 | Nonprofit Investment

Allows California nonprofit public benefit and religious corporations to make better investment decisions for improved returns by clarifying California law regarding the investment of funds by these entities.


AB 959 | LGBT Disparities Reduction Act

Requires state health and human services agencies to collect voluntarily-provided data about our diverse LGBT communities to address health disparities and ensure social services are available.


AB 960 | Equal Protection for All Families Act

Updates our laws to reflect the realities of our LGBT and straight families to clarify and protect the rights of parents who use assisted reproduction methods.


AB 1096 | Electric Bicycles

Promotes increased bicycle use and safety by clarifying the definition of electric motor-assisted bicycles (e-bikes) and updating regulations to treat certain low-speed e-bikes like regular bicycles.


AB 1236 | Electric Vehicle Permit Streamlining

Supports California’s climate goals by establishing uniformity and streamlining the permitting process for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to lower the cost of installations and expand the infrastructure to accommodate electric vehicles on California’s roadways.


AB 1287 | Transit-Only Lane Enforcement

Advances the reliability of public transportation in San Francisco by extending authorization for the Transit-Only Lane Enforcement (TOLE) program, which allows Muni buses to more efficiently move through congested streets.


AB 1429 | Earthquake Preparedness

Allows owners of residential properties with low-income tenants to access a grant program to seismically retrofit buildings in preparation for earthquakes. The bill language was passed as part of the 2015-16 state budget.  


AB X2 15 | End of Life Option Act

Allows terminally ill adult patients who have the capacity to make medical decisions to be prescribed an aid-in-dying medication. Coauthor with Assemblymember Eggman.