2020 Legislation

In 2020, Assemblymember Chiu authored the following bills that were signed into law by Governor Newsom:

AB 2377 | Adult Residential Facility Preservation 
In recent years, Adult Residential Facilities (ARFs) that house and care for residents experiencing severe mental illness and other chronic conditions have been closing at alarming rates. These closures have left vulnerable populations at risk of homelessness. AB 2377 will provide local governments the first opportunity to purchase ARF facilities in order to prevent closures, while requiring ARF owners to give residents help with relocation when a facility closes.

AB 2520 | Medical Record Accessibility
As more people seek access to public benefits in the wake of COVID-19, AB 2520 makes it easier for low-income Californians to apply for programs that require medical records. The law expands access to free medical records for those applying for public benefits and ensures applicants receive completed eligibility forms from health care providers.

AB 2723 | Civil Procedure
AB 2723 cleans up civil procedure code to ensure that settlements agreed upon during mediations can be executed and attorneys can resolve cases on behalf of their clients.

AB 2847 | Microstamping
AB 2847 will help reduce gun fatalities and solve firearm-related crimes. For new firearms sold in California, the new law will require microstamping, a crime-solving tool that imprints a code on a bullet casing when a weapon is fired. To prevent accidental shootings, the law will also require new handguns to include two safety features -- magazine disconnect mechanisms and chamber load indicators.

AB 3088 | COVID-19 Tenant Protections
As the pandemic and recession impacted the finances of millions of Californians, many tenants have been unable to pay rent. Without a change in state law, California was facing a wave of mass evictions and skyrocketing homelessness.  AB 3088 has averted this wave by granting tenants eviction protections through February 1, 2021, if they suffered an economic hardship due to COVID-19 and certain conditions are met.

AB 979 | Diversity on Corporate Boards
AB 979 increases diversity in corporate boardrooms by requiring publicly-held, California-based corporations to include a minimum number of directors from underrepresented groups on their boards of directors. Joint author with Assemblymember Holden.

AB 1196 | Carotid Restraint Ban
In May 2020, the world watched in horror as George Floyd was murdered by a police officer applying significant and sustained pressure to his neck. AB 1196 bans this tactic in California by prohibiting law enforcement from using chokeholds or carotid restraints. Joint author with Assemblymember Gipson.

AB 1506 | Independent Investigations of Police Shootings
To restore community trust of law enforcement, AB 1506 would require independent investigations by the Attorney General of officer-involved shootings of unarmed civilians in California. The law also establishes the CA Department of Justice’s Police Practices Division that will be tasked with reviewing local law enforcement deadly force policies. Joint author with Assemblymember McCarty.

AB 1876 | Earned Income Tax Credit for Immigrant Taxpayers
As the pandemic harmed the finances of so many Californians, this has especially true for immigrant families who have been left out of most social safety net programs despite paying taxes.  AB 1876 brings some relief by making Individual Taxpayer Identification Number filers eligible to receive California’s Earned Income Tax Credit.  Joint author with Assemblymember Ting.

AB 2345 | Enhanced Density Bonus Law
AB 2345 addresses California’s housing shortage by boosting state density bonus law. The law increases the allowable density and number of concessions on projects that include specified levels of affordable housing. Joint author with Assemblymember Gonzalez.

AB 3139 | ABC Licenses
AB 3139 helps businesses recover after natural disasters by allowing them to get Alcohol Beverage Control licenses back after they rebuild. The law also supports a vibrant art and theatre community in San Francisco by giving certain theatres the ability to partner directly with beer, wine, and spirit manufacturers. Joint author with Assemblymember Gray.

Budget Accomplishments

While dealing with an unprecedented pandemic, recession and budget deficit, the 2020 budget preserved investments in crucial areas like housing, homelessness, emergency preparedness, health care and social services.  Assemblymember Chiu led on protecting some of the most crucial programs for California and San Francisco.

Adult Care & Senior Services | Assemblymember Chiu spearheaded a budget effort to save funding for Community-Based Adult Services (CBAS) and Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP) programs, which have served many California seniors and vulnerable communities.

Access to Medi-Cal | In order to ensure Medi-Cal patients can access the care they need, Assemblymember Chiu fought to restore $1.2 billion in Proposition 56-funded supplemental payments to Medi-Cal providers.

Employment Development Department Accountability | In the wake of an unprecedented backlog at the Employment Development Department (EDD), Assemblymember Chiu led the fight to hold EDD accountable for not providing unemployment benefits on a timely basis to over 1.6 million Californians, which included passing a budget trailer bill requiring EDD to release regular data on the size and scope of the EDD’s backlog.

Health4All Seniors | As Chair of the API Caucus and a strong proponent of the Health4All campaign, Assemblymember Chiu was a leading voice in passing full scope Medi-Cal coverage for individuals who are 65 years of age or older regardless of immigration status.