2019 Legislation

In 2019, Assemblymember Chiu authored the following 11 bills that were signed into law by Governor Newsom.

AB 206 | Lead Paint
AB 206 protects homeowners from frivolous lawsuits by lead paint manufacturers who profited from the sale of poisonous paint products.

AB 456 | Prompt Payment Sunset Elimination
AB 456 ensures that the current process holding public agencies accountable for paying contractors on time remains in state law. 

AB 619 | Bring Your Own Reusables
AB 619 assists California in its longstanding goal of reducing landfill waste and plastic pollution by increasing access to reusable foodware products at events and restaurants. 

AB 711 | Transgender Student Records
AB 711 ensures that former students from K-12 schools who identify as transgender have their legal name and gender accurately reflected on critical documents such as high school diplomas and school transcripts.

AB 857 | Public Banks
AB 857 allows local governments to apply for a state banking charter to establish public banks to invest in local communities and finance public projects, redirecting taxpayer dollars currently going to large, Wall Street banks.

AB 943 | Emergency Financial Aid
AB 943 helps community college students stay in school by allowing colleges to provide small grants in case of financial emergencies, such as an eviction, medical emergency, or job loss.  

AB 1340 | Gainful Employment
AB 1340 collects and discloses data around employment outcomes of graduates of for-profit colleges, allowing prospective students and the public to make informed decisions about the quality of a career training program.

AB 1370 | St. Joseph ABC License
AB 1370 creates a new ABC License category to assist the unique St. Joseph’s Arts Society in San Francisco. 

AB 1482 | Tenant Protection Act of 2019
AB 1482 protects millions of California tenants from egregious rent increases and unjust evictions. For more detailed information on AB 1482, please refer to this frequently asked questions document

AB 1487 | Bay Area Housing Finance Authority
AB 1487 enables elected, regional leaders to place funding measures on a regional ballot for the nine-county Bay Area in order to increase funding for affordable housing, provide technical assistance to local jurisdictions, and monitor progress.  

AB 1763 | Density Bonus For Affordable Housing
AB 1763 maximizes affordable housing funding by allowing 100% affordable housing developments to be built denser and taller.

Budget Accomplishments

While maintaining healthy reserves, the 2019 budget took a bold approach to addressing California’s affordability crisis with major investments in health care, housing affordability, homelessness, and education.

Assemblymember Chiu led on investments towards some of the most crucial programs for California and San Francisco:

Health4All - As Chair of the API Caucus and a coauthor of AB 4, Assemblymember Chiu worked with colleagues and advocates to help secure $98 million to extend full-scope Medi-Cal to 19 to 26-year-olds regardless of immigration status.

Low Income Housing Tax Credit - Funding for housing affordable to low- and very low-income Californians is always in short supply. To address this, every year that Assemblymember Chiu has been in the legislature, he has introduced bills to increase California’s Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC), one of the best tools affordable housing developers have when securing financing. This year, he was successful in advocating for $500 million to expand the LIHTC for federally subsidized low-income housing projects. This $500 million state investment leverages and additional $1.5 billion in federal and private dollars, resulting in a total $2 billion to build affordable housing in California.

India Basin - In 2014, the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department acquired 900 Innes at India Basin in San Francisco’s Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood with the goal of building a park for San Francisco’s southeast communities. Unfortunately, the industrial activities associated with 900 Innes’ history as a boat building and repair facility have left the property a brownfield which must be cleaned of hazardous substances and contaminants before it can be developed as a park. The $4 million state investment secured by Assemblymember Chiu will close a funding gap needed to complete the remediation efforts, benefit the environment of the local community and wildlife, and create employment opportunities for low-income, minority residents of Bayview Hunters Point.

Green School Buses - Most of the nearly 25,000 school buses on our roads in California are older diesel-fueled models. Inhaling diesel exhaust can lead to serious health consequences for our children. In contrast, electric school buses not only provide children with a healthier commute, they also offer thousands of dollars of valuable savings to school districts in reduced fuel and maintenance costs. Assemblymember Chiu pushed legislation and a budget request, which ultimately resulted in $407 million being allocated to provide incentives for the purchase of zero emission vehicles, including the replacement of diesel school buses with electric or renewable-fueled school buses. 

Commission on Asian & Pacific Islander American Affairs - The California Commission on APIA Affairs was established in 2002 to advise the Governor and Legislature on the views, needs, and concerns of the state’s API communities. The Commission examines issues such as language access at state agencies, departments, and commissions. However, the Commission did not have any funding to conduct these activities, which limits the extent it can recognize and address challenges. As home to the largest Asian American and second largest Pacific Islander population in the country, California has a responsibility to represent the diverse needs of these communities. The API Legislative Caucus, led by Assemblymember Chiu, secured $500,000 to allow the Commission to fully execute its statutory responsibilities.